Yes, you can now change the owner of a form. The owner is the only user who can edit a given form. Ownership of a form is first established when the form is created or imported or when it's installed via form synchronization. The current owner of the form has access to the 'Owned By' property to change form ownership.

If you want to change the owner, you must have access to District Office or a school that the new owner has access to. You must open the form in edit mode and select the Form Title in order to access the form properties. The property 'Owned By' is a dropdown list that contains the staff members. Select the new owner from the dropdown list and save the form.

Suggestion: We have customers that create a central Ecollect user within PowerSchool which owns all the forms. This makes all the forms available to be edited by everyone who knows the Ecollect login. This just requires coordination among those with access.