Ecollect is a unique and powerful plugin for the PowerSchool application. It is completely self-contained within the PowerSchool application and database, which allows for extremely remarkable functionality integrated directly within PowerSchool. Create simple and effective Course Registration forms, IGP forms, Special Education forms, Learning Profile forms, Course Effectiveness Surveys, and more with this seamlessly integrated form and survey builder plugin. Built completely within PowerSchool, the Ecollect plugin allows users to create documents that can be shared with other users or groups of users within PowerSchool. It also comes with a powerful reporting tool to analyze those results in relation to student data!


Forms can be just about anything you can think of - many paper forms that you'd like to be electronic can be created as such. Admin and Teacher users can create forms and share them with other Admins and Teachers, or Parents and Students. One of the most unique components of Ecollect, is that as you add elements to your form (Text, Paragraph, Drop-downs, etc) you can associate those elements to fields on the student's record. This gives you the powerful ability to track changes to that field.