We believe, in most cases, yes. At the very least, Ecollect can take the place of the built-in PowerSchool Custom Screens feature for students. 


Custom Screens

By default, the Custom Screens component of PowerSchool allows an admin user to add fields to a screen that other admin users see and can fill in for students. However, Ecollect takes this to the next level and provides much more flexibility - allowing admin users to create a variety of different elements linked to students fields in an intuitive way and then share that created form with any of the portals (parents, students, teachers, admins).


Custom Pages

While we believe Ecollect has an almost unlimited potential for users and it fills a large gap for end-users, we still believe there are a number of reasons that custom pages (using HTML code) will be created. Ecollect allows a user to intuitively design, share, and analyze forms (aka custom pages) but lots of reasons exist a user may want even more conditional or operational logic built into a customization.