The text element has the ability to utilize auto-complete data sets that type-ahead for the user. When a responder starts typing into the text element with an auto-complete data set defined, the results of the auto complete will drop down as the responder types, allowing them to click on one of the results to type it in fully.

The auto-complete option currently supports the following data sets:

  • Country List
    • List of countries
  • Previous Responses
    • List of prior responses for the element on the form. Typically used for uniform responses (ex: college names) where the auto complete data set is not available yet but you require uniform responses
  • Students (Class)
    • All students in the class. This is only available on teacher created forms shared with classes.
  • Students (School)
    • All student names in the school
  • Students (District)
    • All students in the district
  • Schools (District)
    • All schools in the district
  • Student Current Schedule
    • All courses for the year the student is enrolled in
  • Teachers (School)
    • All teacher names in the school
  • Teachers (District)
    • All teachers in the district

Note: You can also create your own custom data sets using the Gen table or Extended Schema. For more detail, please see the Ecollect user manual.