What is a Collection Table Element?

A collection table element is an element that will interface with a child table (one-to-many) off of the Students table. It will allow you to create and maintain an unlimited amount of records.

What can I use a Collection Table Element for?

Some common uses that we see are:

  • College Application Tracking
  • Community Service
  • Enrollment History
  • Previous School Information
  • Counseling History
  • Medication Logs
  • Incident Referrals

I don't know how to create a child table? What do I do?

There are PowerSchool provided user guides that you should use when creating your database extensions. Due to the complexity of database extensions, we cannot provide guidance on creating database extensions. You can find user guides for database extensions on PowerSource.

I've created my child table. What do I do now?

Once that table has been created, Form Builder will be able to use it. The following example uses an Immunization table created so parents can update new immunization data.

1. Choose your table extension and table name, then click on Column 1 and use the + and - sign to add or remove columns. 

2. In each column, you can change the column label in the table and choose the field in the table to interface with.

3. When you are done, your form should look similar to this:

4. If you leave the element as-is, the data is static and can not be changed. You will need to add some elements to your form and drag them into the column (where Sample Text is displayed). You can choose almost any element type (you can not use elements that allow multiple responses such as checkboxes or multi-dropdown). After you drag the elements into the appropriate columns, your form should appear similar to this:

5. Complete your form with any additional elements and set up your sharing permissions, and you're done!