If you want to show or hide individual elements based on the value of another element, you want to use Workflow Mapping. The example below will display a Kindergarten menu only if the parent chooses an elementary school from the previous list.

Figure 1 - This screenshot will show the drop down menu which will "control" the Kindergarten menu option

Figure 2 - Choose the element that you want to be controlled, check the "Workflow Mapping" checkbox, and choose the button to select the element that will control this element

Figure 3 - After clicking the button to select the element, you will select the element. It will turn a light shade of orange to indicate it is the controlling element

Figure 4 - To choose what value needs to be selected in order for your element to appear, you need to enter the text in the "Value for Visibility" area of the workflow mapping section. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can make multiple values control an element by using a PIPE symbol => |
    1. For example, if you wanted "East Elementary School" AND "West Elementary School" control the "For Kindergarten Students" element, you would enter "East Elementary School|West Elementary School" in the workflow mapping section of the Kindergarten element