This new element is a very useful tool that gives administrators and teachers the ability to manage and share a calendar with their audience. It gives you the ability to create events which your form users can sign up for. This is an excellent way of scheduling parent/teacher conferences, for instance. You can allow a set number of appointments per time slot for each teacher, and subsequent users will be forced to find and sign up for available slots.

Events can be found in the Availability section, new ones can be added by clicking on the green plus icon, existing ones can be deleted by clicking on the red minus icon. Click on the label 'Event' to access the properties for that particular event.


Title: Name of the event

Start Date/Time and End Date/Time: Set the time and length of the first or only occurrence of this event.

Repeat: The dropdown allows you to repeat the event daily.

Options: Takes you to a popup window where you can select the date range to repeat the event within, as well as sign-up settings.


Increment Range: Sets the start and end dates that determine when and how long to repeat the event. In the current version this displays a time, which you can ignore.

Single Event Seat Cap (by provider): lets you limit how many users can sign up for a single event with a particular provider. Entering 0 will be set no cap.

Show Current Registration Count & Cap: Allows users to see the number of sign-ups there are per event, relative to the cap.

Your form's audience can then select events to sign-up for. Depending on your settings, they may have to select a teacher, and the calendar will check that their selected event time is still available.

The provider or teacher who the event is scheduled for can then access the entire calendar through the teacher portal.