Ecollect creates notifications that appear in PowerSchool's standard notification area, which can be reached by clicking on the exclamation point icon located in the top right corner of the admin portal. 


These notifications provide links to lists of students and teachers who have forms that are awaiting approval. Typically you can select a student, navigate to their forms list and look for those that have a yellow leaf, which means they are awaiting approval. However, it is possible that a form has older responses awaiting approval, but it's leaf is green because the latest response has been approved. This makes it difficult to locate and deal with those responses, and therefore removing those students/teachers from the notification list.

This behavior may change in the future, but in the meantime, our suggestion is to deal with responses in chronological order, meaning you should accept/reject responses from oldest to newest. This way the leaves will always correctly reflect their approval status.

In practice, this means whenever you see a form is awaiting approval, you should first check the archive to see if previous responses are still awaiting approval. To open the archive, locate the 'gear' icon in the top right corner of the form.


Clicking it will open a window with a dropdown listing all responses to the form. Any responses highlighted in yellow are awaiting approval. Open the oldest of these first and accept or reject. Repeat for all.