There are two ways to present users with a form that appears unsubmitted:

Form Reset:

Form Reset is a form property that can be applied to the form in edit mode.  This property tells Ecollect to ignore responses outside the reset window, making the form appear unsubmitted to users.  Ecollect reports also ignore forms outside the reset window.  Form reset allows the same form to be used iteratively without losing the connection to past responses or requiring a new form to be created each year.

Forms can be reset:

  1. By School Year:  (responses with a yearID < the current year are ignored.  This is ideal for forms used that must be completed again year by year.
  2. By Date: Responses prior to the date entered are ignored.  This is deal for forms that have custom submission windows or are used multiple time throughout the year.
  3. On Submission: Each submission is archived and the form always looks unsubmitted after a submission is made.

Use a New Copy of the Original Form:

Alternatively, you can export the form and import it as a new form for use.  This is ideal when significant changes are needed.  To copy a form:

  1. Create the copy by opening the form in edit mode, clicking on the arrow attached to the Save Form button and choosing Export Form. A popup appears to confirm the version of Ecollect necessary for this form to work properly. Dismiss it and a download begins. 
  2. Return to the form list and click New Form. Choose Import and then select the file you downloaded. A new copy of your form appears that you can rename if you wish, and save. You should double check the school share permissions, sometimes they are lost when importing a form. Now you have the same form with no responses. 
  3. You can now unpublish the old form and rename it to differentiate it from the new one (ex. Demographics Form SY####).