This article contains instructions for interacting directly with the PowerSchool database and Ecollect data. These methods circumvent the standard interface and safety protocols that limit the amount of information you can manipulate. These are powerful tools and should only be used if you completely understand what you are doing. Be mindful of the data you have selected and changes you make. It can be very difficult or impossible to restore this information. Also note that you may not have access to the Data Export Manager tool, in which case speak with your PowerSchool administrator.

If you find that a form that you previously owned no longer appears under the My Forms tab of the Ecollect Forms page, or that it’s there but doesn’t have a corresponding Edit button, you may have accidentally lost ownership of the form. The following procedure will allow you to regain ownership.

  1. First, have the title of another form you currently own and have access to, and the title of the form you want to restore ownership of.

  2. Go to Special Functions > Importing & Exporting > Data Export Manager.

  3. Select Database Extensions and table U_FB_FORM.

  4. Select the fields CREATED_BY and FORM_TITLE. Click Next.

  5. Select form_title from the Filter by droplist. The equal sign should be selected, and enter the title of the form you own.

  6. Click Show Records. The created_by column will show your User ID. Retain that for the next step.

  7. Now change the search value to the title of the form you want to own and click Show Records.

  8. Click the pencil icon next to the record. Change the created_by id to the one you found in the previous step.

  9. Click Submit. You should now have edit access to the form.