Sign up for any/all of the training session below to increase your knowledge and comfort with Ecollect. Click on the link for the time of the session that works best for you to sign up.

Ecollect Enrollment Training - 45 minutes


Learn about the process to enroll new students using Ecollect.

 - Great for those who will need to set up the process, manage new student records, or answer parents' questions.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 8AM-10AM (ET)

Mondays @ 1:00 (ET) or Thursdays @ 3:30 (ET)

Introduction to Form Building - 1 hour


Training on how to build and publish simple Ecollect forms.

 - Great for administrators or teachers who will be creating their own forms or publishing forms created by AccelaSchool.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8AM-10AM (ET)

Wednesdays @ 2:00 (ET) or Fridays @ 1:30 (ET)

Response Report and Approval Process - 1 hour


Training on setting up the approval process on a form, approving or rejecting responses, and using Ecollect's reporting tools.

 - Great for users who will be handling form responses.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8AM-10AM (ET)

Tuesdays @ 3:30 (ET) or Fridays @ 12:00 (ET)

Advanced Elements Q&A - 1 hour

For those comfortable with building simple forms but with questions on how to use a specific complex element. Meet with a Product Experience Specialist for answers.

 - Great for administrators who are looking to create more complex forms.

Choose an available time that works for you

Registration Portal Configuration - 30 minutes


Work with a Product Experience Specialist to customize your Registration Portal for new student enrollment.

 - Great for the administrator managing the new student enrollment process.

Choose an available time that works for you

District Team Review - 45 minutes

Ecollect can be used in a wide range of areas in your district/school: enrollment/registration, parent teacher conferences, student support, athletics, etc. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your purchase of Ecollect and so that different departments can be aware of the product you already have, we recommend bringing together a team of people who can represent different ideas on how to utilize Ecollect.

MTRF 11:30 - 6:00 or W 11:30 - 4:00 (ET) - Choose an available time within that window that works for you