Share permissions allow form designers to limit who can view or submit a form, allowing districts to have control over their data. The share permission’s multiple levels of control also allow districts to share only relevant forms with each user/user set, keeping the experience free of irrelevant information.


Share Permissions settings are accessed by clicking theicon next to the 'Share Permissions' form property.


The first tab on the Role Sharing dialog is the School tab. Here, you can choose which schools a form is published to and what level of access each portal has.


Click on each portal to cycle through the possible level of access: 


  No access. The form does not appear in the form list on this portal.


View Access. The form is available for viewing but is not submittable.


Full Access. Users on this portal can edit and submit the form.


Admin portal only. Allows you to limit which admin groups have access to the form. Use the Admin tab to give access rights to a subset of Admin portal users.


Check the box next to each school the form should be shared with. For a form of type Teacher, the form can be shared with the District Office in addition to individual schools.

By default, the same level of portal access is applied to each school. If different portals need different access depending on which school the student or teacher record is in, select the Customize portal settings option to set these permissions on a school-by-school basis.

Each school will initially be set to use the global portal settings, but you can modify the portal permissions for individual schools in order to give more or less access. In the example above, the form is only published to the Admin portal with read/write access in selected schools, except for the Enrollment School. The parents of students in the Enrollment school are also able to submit the form. 


The Student/Teacher tab allows you to choose which student/teacher records the forms should be available on.

By default, the form will be published to all students/teachers at the selected schools. That can be refined based on a selection of students or the value of a PowerSchool field.


The Admin tab allows you to choose which user groups on the Admin portal can view or submit the form. Admin group permissions are in effect on a form ONLY if the Admin portal access is set to the silhouette. Only those admin groups given access can either view or view and submit a form for a student/teacher.