Being able to notify school staff when a form has been submitted by a parent/student can be useful to tool. With this, staff do not have to constantly check for responses, they are told when data needs reviewed/has been submitted. Ecollect notifications offer multiple options.

The Notifications setting can be found among the Form Properties. Once turned on, this will send an email every time a response is submitted for this form. The email will be sent to any address entered into the Email box. More than one email can be entered by separating them with commas.

Click on theicon next to the notifications checkbox to pull up additional options. School specific notifications and parent notifications are enabled here.

Admin Tab

By default, the email addressed in the General Response Notifications section will be notified. 

With School Specific Notifications, separate emails can be notified based on which school the response came from. If you have school staff designated at each school in your district to handle response data, you can separate those addresses by hitting the green plus icon to the right of the School header. Enter a row with the address(es) to be notified at each locale.

Parent Tab

The option is available to send parent notifications on each form. This setting works in conjunction with

the parent preferences. Both must be on for a parent to receive an email. When enabled, the parent is

notified when the form has been submitted by an Admin or Teacher or if the parent’s submission has

been approved or rejected. This is a simple On/Off switch.