The Single Line Text element allows users to type in data. The element can allow any type of data or can require data to be in certain formats.


Element Properties

Beyond the properties common to all elements, the Single Line Text element has the following additional properties:


Text entered in this box will appear in the element’s text field as long as there is no value saved in the field. If the form is submitted without entering a value, the Placeholder text will not be saved with the response. For this reason, it is safe to enter examples or instructions in the Placeholder box, such as ‘mm-dd-yyyy’ or ‘(###) ###-####’.

Predefined Value

Text entered in this box will appear in the element’s text field as long as there is no other value saved in the field. Unlike the Placeholder property, this value will actually be saved with the response on submittal if the user does not change it. Predefined Value is meant to be used when there is a particular value that the great majority of responses will have. This saves the users some time and typing. 


This property should not be used in conjunction with the PowerSchool Field property as the two properties conflict and it will cause slower load times.


Field Size

Options are Small, Medium and Large. This sets the width of the text box, or how many characters are visible in the box at one time. It does not affect the number of characters that can be entered into the field.


Auto-Complete Data Sets

This property can be used to offer the user options from a pre-determined list. Selecting a data set also reveals the option ‘Restrict Response to List’. Selecting this forces the user to select one of the choices from the data set, removing the option of typing any value they want. Please see Auto-Complete Data Set for details.


Custom Data Validation

Clicking on the icon opens a popup window in which you can configure data validation rules for the element. There are three types of data that can be set. Please see Custom Data Validation for details.



The user must enter alphanumeric values. Additional options can set minimum and maximum lengths of this text value. Another option is to set a text mask, which means that the value must match a certain pattern. Text masks can be defined on PowerSchool’s Text Mask Administration page. Finally, you can set Apply Validation Function to fine tune valid responses beyond what the Text Mask Administration allows.



The user must enter numeric values. Minimum and maximum values can also be assigned.



Offers the user a date picker and requires the value to be a valid date. Additional options can set minimum and maximum dates that can be entered by the user.