The Text Block element displays read-only text and data. It includes a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to allow you to easily format the data. PowerSchool fields can be referenced within the text using double curly braces. ex. {{field_name}}.


Element Properties

Beyond the properties common to all elements, the Text Block element has the following additional property:


Open Text Block Editor

Clicking the call-out link opens the Text Block Editor dialog to allow you to more easily format the text in the description.


Text Block Editor

The Text Block Editor allows the user to format the data in the description of the element. The formatting is done using HTML, but the editor allows the user to do the formatting without knowing the HTML tags.


Text Editing

Cut, Copy, Paste, Past as plain text, Past from Word, Undo, Redo.


Paste, Past as plain text, and Paste from Word will open the Paste dialog to access the data in the clipboard. Paste using Ctrl-v or Cmd-v and press OK.


Past and Paste as plain text both paste the data without formatting. Paste from Word will include any formatting in the data.



Link, Unlink, Anchor


Link will open the Link dialog to allow you to add a link to highlighted text. You can either link to bring the end user to a URL, create a link to an anchor elsewhere in the text, or add a link to send an email.


When creating a URL link, be sure to set the target of the link to New Window on the Target tab. This will cause the webpage to open in a new tab on the end user’s browser instead of within the same window as the form. If the target is not set and the user is pulled out of their form before they have submitted any changes, those changes will be lost when the user returns.


Special Objects

Image, Table, Insert Horizontal Line, Insert Special Character


Images need to be hosted and referenced as a URL. 


Insert Special Character gives you access to some characters that are not easily accessible through the standard keyboard.



Maximize, Source


Maximize makes the Text Block Editor the full size of the browser window, giving you more space to work in.


Source displays the HTML source and allows you to edit the data and tags directly.


Text Formatting

Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Remove formatting


Italics uses the <em> HTML tag, which does not display on the form. After using the Text Block Editor, edit the Description property to change the <em> and </em> tags to <i> and </i> tags.


Lists and Quotes

Numbered List, Bulleted List, Decrease Indent, Increase Indent, Block Quote


Increase Indent is used to make sublists within lists.


Block Quote specially formats text to show that it is quoted text.



Block and in-line styles, Paragraph formatting