Contacts Webinar


The Contacts element allows users to utilize PowerSchool’s Unlimited Contacts structure. Updates made in this element will be reflected in the PowerSchool Contacts screen and vise versa. The Contacts element requires Powerschool 12.0 or newer and is available on Ecollect 5.0 and above.


Element Properties

Beyond the properties common to all elements, the Contacts element has the following additional properties:


Show Original Contact Type

Allows the user to map a contact to one of the original contact types: Mother, Father, Guardian, Emergency 1, Emergency 2, Emergency 3.


Enable Custody

Allows the user to indicate whether a contact has custody of the student.


Enable School Pick Up

Allows the user to indicate whether a contact is allowed to pick the student up from school.


Enable Receives Mail

Allows the user to indicate whether a contact should receive mailings regarding the student from the school.


Parent Portal View

When filling out a form with the Contacts element on it from the Parent Portal, the user will have the option to create one or more contacts and link them to all students the user has access rights to. This reduces the incidents of duplicate contacts.


When changes are made within the Contacts element, the element will highlight and a dialog box will open letting the user know that the form needs to be submitted for the changes to Contacts to take effect.



If the list of contacts is applied to another student, that student’s list of contacts will be replaced by the list on the current form. At that point, both students will be pointing to the same contacts, so any change made on a contact for one student will be reflected for the other student.  This action dissociates the receiving student’s current contacts and associates the sending student’s contact set.  No contacts are deleted from PowerSchool by the process.


Adding a Contact

To add a contact, press the Add button at the top right of the element. The New Contact dialog will open.



If the Show Original Contact Type preference is enabled, the user will be able to set the contact as one of the contact types for the student.


The user can add addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to the contact. This information can be moved around in the list. The top address/phone number/email will be the default contact information.


The user can indicate whether the contact lives with the student, is an emergency contact for the student, has custody of the student, can pick the student up, or should receive mailings from the school regarding the student, assuming the element’s properties provide that access. 


On the parent portal, if a contact should also be associated with another student the parent has access rights to but the parent will not want to apply the entire list of contacts to the other student, the parent can apply the individual contact from this window.


Approving Contacts

When changes are made to the Contacts element on a form that has Approval set, the form goes into a pending state and the changes made to Contacts are not applied until the form has been approved.



To help the approver know what changes have been made to the contacts, the rows are color-coded. Contacts that have not been edited are white. Contacts whose data has been edited are blue. The rows for newly added contacts are green. Contacts that will be removed on approval are highlighted red.