Duplicate Student Webinar

Duplicate student checking is a feature within the Enrollment Admin Portal that allows users to check submitted students against other submissions and existing PowerSchool data for returning students, duplicate entries, or submissions that otherwise need to be merged with an existing record or rejected. This feature is only available for those schools/districts that use the approval process for submission to the Registration Portal.

Minimum Ecollect Versions

Ecollect 5.6/4.11 through Ecollect are able to utilize duplicate student checking when provided with an export of your current student records. The file sent to PowerSchool contains all students that should be checked against as potential duplicate students. It is recommended that active and transferred out students from all schools in the district who are non-graduates are included in this file. Please see the Duplicate Student Export Documentation for information on the format of this file.

Starting with Ecollect, Enrollment Express will utilize the PowerSchool API to check for duplicate records. If your original install of Ecollect was or later, you will automatically be set up for duplicate student checking. If you upgrade to and would like to take advantage of the PowerSchool API, you will need to work with your Application Specialist or PowerSchool support to set the API connection.

You will need to provide two data items. They can be found by going to System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration. Click on Ecollect-Platform within the list of plugins. Click on Data Provider Configuration, listed under Function. Please email the Client ID and Client Secret to PowerSchool.

Duplicate Student Checking Process

While students are pending in the Enrollment Admin Portal, you can compare the pending students against existing student records and other pending students. Select the student for which you want to do duplicate student checking and press the Check Duplicates button. A dialog will open presenting the list of potential matches.

Those existing records that have at least a 50% match based on a weighted matching algorithm will be presented as a potential duplicate. Click on an existing student to see the details of what values do or do not match.

Matching rows are highlighted green. Rows that do not match are highlighted red. Yellow rows are those that are a close but not exact match, and gray rows lack data in one of the records.

Once you have determined which, if any, existing student record matches up to the pending student, you can merge the records by selecting the Merge radio button and pressing the Apply button. The student number of the pending student who have been merged will be updated with the student number of the existing record. When the student is approved, the existing record in PowerSchool will be updated with any information provided on the Registration Portal and the record will be transferred to the Enrollment School. The parent will complete the process the same as if the student was new.

NOTE: Due to the student transferring to the Enrollment School, it is not recommended to use near matching on currently active students. These students will be removed from their current school and transferred to the Enrollment School upon execution of the import process.