What is the Enrollment Portal?

The Ecollect Enrollment process begins at the Enrollment Portal.  The Enrollment Portal is a public website that is used by families to identify students who wish to enroll in the district.  Parents/Guardians complete the portal's simple information form to identify the potential student to the district.  This data is later imported into PowerSchool via an automated process to generate student records.

Portal Location

Each district's enrollment portal is located at ecollect.accelaschool.com/DISTRICTNAME.  The name of the district (as selected by the district) is appended to this stem URL to provide each district a unique portal locale (I.E. ecollect.accelaschool.com/applegroveSD) 

Customizing the Portal

The Enrollment Portal can be modified to better accommodate each district's processes and procedures for new student enrollment.   While many of the fields and the shape of the portal are fixed, districts have control over the following key elements:

School Preference

Approval Process

Additional Contacts

Parent Email Notifications


Enrollment Portal Setup Documentation