The Enrollment Express process begins at the Registration Portal.  The Registration Portal is a public website that is used by families to identify students who wish to enroll in the district.  Parents/guardians complete the portal's simple information form to identify the potential student to the district.  This data is later imported into PowerSchool via an automated process to generate student records.

Each district's enrollment portal is located at  The name of the district (as selected by the district) is appended to this stem URL to provide each district a unique portal locale (i.e. 

Customizing the Portal

While many of the portal’s fields cannot be changed, some can be personalized for your school/district. Your logo can be added to the top of the portal, along with text and links specified by you. Certain fields on the portal are required in order for Ecollect to be able to create the student record in PowerSchool, but other fields can also be required if needed. Your Project Manager will provide you with a Portal Configuration Survey to determine your preferences.

After your Application Specialist has done the initial portal customization, further edits can be made through the District Configuration Dashboard.

School Preference

If you would like the parent to indicate the school they would like their student to attend, you can choose to enable School Preference. With School Preference, you have control of how many or few preferred schools parents can select. If you have instructions for choosing schools, those can also be added to the Registration Portal.

Approval Process

By default, students submitted through the Registration Portal are added to the Enrollment school within PowerSchool automatically. If you would like to be able to review, edit, or approve students before they are added to PowerSchool, you can enable the enrollment approval process. The approval process is useful for preventing returning students from creating a second student record, preventing fake students from being entered, or assigning students to schools within the district.

When the approval process is enabled, you have the additional option to have an email sent to those administrators who have a login to approve new student enrollments when a new student is submitted through the Registration Portal.

Guardian Contact Information

In addition to the Guardian Email that is required, you have the option to also request the name and phone number of one or two guardians. These fields can be required or optional. This data is not included on the student record in PowerSchool and is only used during the approval process.

School Enroll Code

Used instead of or in conjunction with the approval process, you have the option to require a parent to fill out the School Enroll Code in order to submit the Registration Portal. You can require a parent to contact the school/district in order to receive the School Enroll Code, thereby allowing staff to direct returning students along a different enrollment path. If preferred, this field can be removed from the Registration Portal.

Submission Email

When a parent submits the Registration Portal, you can opt for them to receive the submission email. This will go to the parent immediately after they submit the Registration Portal to let them know their submission went through. While there is a default email, you can add a custom message when setting up the Registration Portal.