What is the Enrollment Email:

The Enrollment Email is an email message sent to the parent after the student is successfully imported into PowerSchool as a new or returning student.  This email is the trigger for the parent to continue the district enrollment process via Ecollect forms within the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  This message is send via the email service of the district's PowerSchool server (not an AccelaSchool email service.)

Setup/Configuration of the Email Message:

The Enrollment Email is configured via the System [system>ecollect enrollment - email preferences].  This page allows the message to be customized for the district.

From Email:

The address that will appear in the "sent on behalf of" footer in the email message.  All PowerSchool emails generate from the master email set within the PowerSchool email configuration.  

Email Subject:

The subject of the email when received by a recipient.

Email Body:

The message to  recipients.  The district can configure this message to include all necessary information required for parents to successfully complete the enrollment process.

Ecollect automatically appends a footer to the email body that contains the first name, access ID and access password for the subject student.  This information is required (in addition to the full student name) to add the student to a new or existing parent account within the PowerSchool parent portal.


Ecollect Enrollment Email Setup Documentation