The enrollment email is sent to parents once their student has been added into PowerSchool. Parents will use the information in the email to create a parent portal account for themselves, if they do not already have one, and connect their account to their student. This email written by your school/district by going to System > Enrollment Express - Email Preferences within PowerSchool.

Here you can personalize the From E-Mail, the E-Mail Subject, and the E-Mail Body. 

The From E-Mail your provide will appear in the "sent on behalf of" footer in the email message.  All PowerSchool emails generate from the master email set within the PowerSchool email configuration.

Some information you may want to include in the body of the email is

  • Steps needed to complete registration
  • A list of documentation needed and where to bring it if the parent will not be attaching it to a form
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Instructions on how to create a PowerSchool account or add a student to an existing account
  • How to find the New Student Enrollment forms within PowerSchool

The Enrollment Express process will add the following to the bottom of the email to enable parents to connect their parent

PowerSchool account with their student’s record.

  • Student name
  • Date and time
  • Access ID
  • Access Password
  • PowerSchool Address

The Access ID and Access Password are automatically generated by Enrollment Express. These are not the parent's username and password, but the information the parent needs to use when registering to link their account to the student. 

By default, the PowerSchool Address included will be to your public portal. You also have the option to remove the link or direct the parents a different website.