If you have chosen to enable the enrollment approval process, you will be able to manage student enrollments using the Enrollment Admin Portal. A link to the Admin Portal can be found at the bottom of the Registration Portal.

Users who can access the Enrollment Admin Portal are added by your Application Specialist when you submit the Registration Portal Survey or by PowerSchool support if you need additions made after your implementation project has ended.

Within the Enrollment Admin Portal, a user's view will be determined by the access they have been granted. One or two users should be given access to the District Configuration Dashboard. In terms of managing student enrollments, a user may have access to all students or just those at specified schools.

If you have parents indicate the school they are applying for their student to attend, the student record will be pending within that school's listing. The District Office contains all pending enrollments.

Manage Enrollments

Clicking on the Manage Enrollments button for a given school opens the list of enrollments for that school. Here you can view pending, approved, or rejected students based on the year the student is looking to enter the school. You can check for duplicate student records, edit pending students, approve, or reject students from this screen as well.

Records can also be soft deleted from the dashboard by clicking on the trash can icon. The delete function is recommended for duplicate pending records that represent the same student.  The delete removes the pending record but does not send parent notifications.

Students who are approved for a school will be included in the SFTP file to be added the Enrollment School within PowerSchool. This SFTP file is read every 15 minutes by a PowerSchool autocomm process. 

Those who are rejected will be added as pending at their next school of choice or removed from the list of pending students.

When a student is accepted or rejected from a school, the email address provided in the Registration Portal will be emailed to let the parent know of the change. This is an optional feature.

Students who have not indicated a school preference will be pending within the District Office. The records can be edited to assign them to a school prior to approving them.

District Reporting

Clicking on the District Reporting button under District Office opens a report of the students who have been submitted through the Registration Portal. Students are viewed based on the school year for which they wish to enroll. Use the button Expand Fields to see which schools the students have been approved for, rejected from, or pending at. The report can be exported as a CSV file.