Once enrollments are submitted via the Enrollment Portal, district staff review the records for processing.  Records are approved, rejected, merged or removed depending on the administrator's findings.

Enrollment Dashboard:

The Enrollment Dashboard is the location for district management of the portal and the pending enrollment records.  The dashboard provides users (based on assigned roles) the ability to see, edit and take action upon the enrollments submitted via the enrollment portal.

District Configuration Dashboard:

Users assigned to be district enrollment managers are able to see a dashboard that provides them the ability to directly customize certain elements in their enrollment dashboard.  Other elements must be configured directly by AccelaSchool staff.

Manage Pending Records:

Within each school or the district "drawer," enrollment administrators can view the records that are pending review.  These records can be edited by administrator to ensure data conformity. The following primary actions may also be taken for each record:

Duplicate Student Checking

After the duplicate student checking feature has been configured, pending students can be checked against existing PowerSchool student records to prevent the import of a duplicate student.  Users are presented a list of potential near matches within the PowerSchool student file.  The prending record can then by either merged with an existing record or imported as new.


Records that are ready to import are then approved.  The approve action adds the student to the FTP file for transfer to the district PowerSchool database every 15 minutes.  Parents are also emailed of the approval notification is enabled for the district. 


Records that do not meet admission requirements or otherwise are not to be imported are rejected. Rejection removes the record from the pending dashboard and notifies the parent of the rejection.


Records can also be soft deleted from the dashboard.  The delete function is recommended for duplicate pending records that represent the same student.  The delete removes the pending record but does not send parent notifications.


District-level users have access to the district report which shows all student actions for the selected school year.  Reports are available in a 3 year window (Previous, Current, Next).


Enrollment Management Documentation

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