The parent will fill out the required information on the Registration Portal. After pressing the Apply To School button, they will receive the Submission Email. If Approval is enabled, the parent will receive an email for each school rejection or acceptance, depending on your settings. Once their student has been added to PowerSchool, they will receive the Enrollment Email with instructions on making a new PowerSchool account. 


To create their PowerSchool account on the Parent Portal, the parent/guardian will use the Access ID and Access Password from the Enrollment Email to link their account to their student. The parent will then have access to the forms published to the Enrollment School. 


The parent will fill out the enrollment forms and follow any additional instructions included in the Enrollment Email with regards to dates and documentation. 


While you are in your implementation project, you will work with your Application Special and Project Manager to set up your Registration Portal and users of the Enrollment Admin Portal. You will then link to the Registration Portal from your website to share it with your parents. You will also write your Enrollment Email.

You may receive a notification email when a parent submits the Registration Portal, depending on the configuration of the Registration Portal. If you have the enrollment approval process enabled, you will need to log into the Enrollment Admin Portal to check for duplicates, approve, or reject students’ applications. 

Much of the information collected on the Registration Portal is included on the student’s record when it is created in PowerSchool. 

Form Submission Reports

Once the parent has submitted the last form in your enrollment form pack, you will receive a notification email if that has been set up on the form. This email will contain the form name and the student’s ID. You can enter the student’s ID into the search bar on PowerSchool’s Start Page to pull up the student’s record to review her/his submissions. Alternatively, you can use the Category Completion Report to view which students have submitted all the forms in the enrollment form pack. 

Moving Students Out of the Enrollment School

Once a student has completed the required forms and provided the needed documentation, they are ready to be moved into their real school. 


If this is an enrollment that has occurred after the End-of-Year process has been run, such as a mid-year enrollment, this is treated as an in-district transfer. 

If the enrollment is part of pre-registration and occurs before the End-of-Year process has been run, the transfer can be made part of that process. Set Next_School and Next_Grade to match where the student will attend during the new school year.