Publish Forms:

New students will be added to the Enrollment School, so that is where you will want to publish any forms

that they need to fill out prior to being placed into their official school. The Enrollment School is

included in the list of schools in the Share Permissions.

All students are imported into the Enrollment School within PowerSchool.  Forms can be shared based ont he selected school using the field U_ECOLLECT_ENROLL.SCHOOLID via the form share settings.


By default, the approval process is disabled for forms submitted within the Enrollment School.  Contact AccelaSchool support to enable this if needed.


It may be useful to be notified when a parent has completed all of the enrollment forms. As there are

usually a number of forms that will need to be filled out for a new student, it might not make sense to

turn on Notifications for every from. The Enrollment Form Pack includes the form X - Consent and

Acknowledgment. It has the parent acknowledge that they have completed all of the other enrollment

forms. This form, or something like it, may be a good candidate on which to enable Notifications.

Because all students in the Enrollment School are in the same school, regardless of the school they will

be registered in when their enrollment is complete, school specific notifications cannot be used.


Enrollment Forms Documentation