The Document Attachment element allows users to submit documents with a form. The person filling out the form logs into the secure document management service to submit a document. Only the person who submitted the attachment and specified people at the school have access to the documents.


Documents uploaded to the document attachment service are stored in a secure, cloud-based PowerSchool server separate from your SIS server. Server data is backed up offsite at regular intervals with the backup server providing access redundancy in the event of an outage at the primary location. All servers are located within the contiguous United States.


Users can attach documents up to 5MB each.  File formats accepted are: .PDF, .RTF, .DOC, .DOCX, .PNG, .JPG, and .JPEG.  All other file types are disallowed by the upload service.


Enabling Document Attachment

For Document Attachment to be available, it must first be enabled. The setting to enable Document Attachment can be found at System > Document Attachment.

User Accounts

In order to attach documents or manage previously attached documents, the user must log into their Document Attachment account. This account is separate from the user’s PowerSchool portal account.



In the login dialog, the user enters their email address and password. If they have an existing account, they press the Sign In button. If they had not previously created a Document Attachment account, they press the Register button. If the user has created an account previously but has forgotten their password, they can use the “Forgot password?" link to create a new password.



Passwords need to meet a minimum level of security in order to protect the sensitive information contained in documents uploaded using Document Attachment. A password must contain at least one of each of the following:

  • Uppercase character
  • Lowercase character
  • A number (0-9)
  • Special character (e.g. *, % ,!)

Single Sign-On

For districts on Ecollect ECO_20.1.0.0 or later, Single Sign-On can be enabled for the Parent and Student portals. When enabled, users of these portals do not need a separate Document Attachment login; they are automatically logged in using their PowerSchool Portal credentials.

To enable Single Sign-On, go to System > Single Sign-On and check the Enable Parent and Student SSO option.

Organization “Org” Users

Any user created using the above methods will be able to upload files using the Document Attachment element as well as view and manage files they have previously uploaded. Some users within the school/district will need to have access to view documents uploaded by other users. These users are referred to as org users. Please send a list of email address of those users in your school/district who need to have org user status to your Project Manager/Application Specialist or to have this functionality enabled on their account.


Managing Documents

Once the user has signed in, they are able to add, view, and remove documents from the form.


Adding Documents


To add a document to a form, press the Add Document button. This will bring up the Document Attachment dialog.



Use the Browse button for find the desired file on your device and press the Upload button to add it to the cloud server.


Viewing Documents

Documents can be viewed by those users who have uploaded them and by ‘org’ users. The documents are accessible from the form they were attached to. If a document is attached, it will be listed on the element.


Click on the document’s name to download a copy of the document to view. 


Deleting Documents

A document can be removed from the form by clicking the trash can icon at the right of the file name and pressing OK on the Confirm Delete dialog.