What is Ecollect Enrollment?

Ecollect Enrollment is AccelaSchool's online new student enrollment solution.  Ecollect Enrollment allows districts to identify and onboard new or returning students to their PowerSchool SIS.  Parents utilize the Enrollment Portal to identify potential students to the district.  These students are reviewed via the administrative dashboard for import into PowerSchool as a new or returning student.  Following the import into the Enrollment School, parents are automatically contacted with the information needed to complete Ecollect forms via the Parent Portal. These forms are then reviewed by the district for a final set of enrollment determinations.  Following these determinations, the students are then transferred to their school of record for scheduling and matriculation.


Enrollment Portal:

The Enrollment Portal is a public web page configured by the district (eg ecollect.accelaschool.com/acs-demo).  This page collects basic student, demographic and contact data for the prospective student.  This data helps administrators make early decisions or conduct an admission lottery if needed before transferring records to PowerSchool. 

Administrative Dashboard:

The Administrative Dashboard provides a place for administrators to: review pending applications to the district, make corrective edits to those submissions, check for potential duplicate students and approve/reject the submissions.  Administrators with configuration access can also make changes to their enrollment portal via the district configuration dashboard. 

Student Transfer:

PowerSchool Import

Approved records are imported into PowerSchool via SFTP into the Enrollment School.  The SFTP connections and import jobs (Autocomm) are configured as part of the Enrollment Configuration completed during the installation process when Ecollect is purchased. Imports are scheduled for every 15 minutes throughout the day.  Student fields on the enrollment portal are imported or updated during this process.

New students are imported as a new student and enrolled directly into the Enrollment School.

Merged (Returning) students are imported as an update to the existing record.  That record is then transferred to the Enrollment School for further processing.  

PS Export:

An export (scheduled system template) is also scheduled to run every 15 minutes.  This export returns a file to Ecollect Enrollment that tells the enrollment system that the contained students have been successfully imported.  These students are removed from future imports. 

Only a single field is returned to the enrollment system (U_ECOLLECT_ENROLL.GUID) A GUID is a 32 character alphanumeric string - a non-identifiable ID that the Ecollect Enrollment uses to identify students.  This GUID is assigned to the student when their enrollment record is created.

The Enrollment School:

The Enrollment School is a new school created inside each PowerSchool instance by Ecollect customers.  It is the single import locale for all new and returning students enrolled to the district via Ecollect Enrollment.  Regardless of final school destination, all student records import to the Enrollment School for processing.

What do I do what these students next?

Following completion of all Ecollect forms and district processes, the students in the Enrollment School can be transferred to their school of record via the PowerSchool transfer processes.


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