Enrollment Express Webinar

Enrollment Express utilizes Ecollect forms to gather necessary information on new or returning students. Ecollect forms can be accessed through the PowerSchool SIS from any of the four portals, depending on how you choose to share the forms. The process is different depending on whether the student is newly enrolling in your school or going through yearly registration.

New Student Enrollment

This process is for students who are not currently active in your school/district. The purpose of the New Student Enrollment Express process is to create a student records in PowerSchool so that the families can submit the needed forms to enroll their student. 

The first step is for the parent to submit the Registration Portal. This is an external form that is customized for your school/district. You would link to the Registration Portal from your own site. This form gathers the basic information needed to create the student record. The record can either be added directly into PowerSchool or first reviewed by an administrator.

The student records are added to the Enrollment School within PowerSchool, which is a building added to your PowerSchool SIS as part of your setup process. The Enrollment School provides a central location to publish your New Student Enrollment forms. Students in this school are able to access their forms but not be part of state reporting. They are also not counted towards your Ecollect/Enrollment Express license.

Once the student is added to the Enrollment School, the parent will receive the Enrollment Email. This email will provide instructions for the parent to create their Parent Portal account and let them know the next steps in the process.

After your parents submit the required forms, your administrators will review the data to ensure the student is ready to move forward. Once the administrator has verified everything is complete, it will be time to move the student out of the Enrollment School and into their school of record. If the student is pre-registered for the next school year, your administrator can set up the student's next school and next grade level and allow the End-of-Year process move the student automatically. If the registration is for the current school year, the student should be moved via an intra-district transfer.

Returning Student Registration

Returning students are those who are currently active in your system and need to submit their annual update. Since the students are already in the SIS, your Returning Student Registration forms can be published directly to your students at their current schools and you can communicate with your parents to let them know the forms are available. Parents can find the Returning Student Registration forms on the Enrollment tab in their form listing.

These forms should be set with Form Reset, probably by School Year. This will reset the forms' statuses to Empty each year so your parents know the form requires a submission.

Any elements on the forms that are linked to PowerSchool fields will display the value within the PowerSchool field, meaning your parents will see the form filled out with the information in your system. They can make changes as necessary or they can submit the form as-is.

Returning Student Registration forms can be set to go through the approval process. This will allow an administrator to review the changes your parents have made before the data is written to the linked PowerSchool fields.