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The Event Calendar element gives administrators and teachers the ability to manage and share a calendar with their audience. It allows you to create events to which your form users can sign up to meet with one or more providers/teachers. This is an excellent way to schedule parent/teacher conferences.

Creating a Form


Registering for Events

Creating a Form


The Event Calendar element is available for users of either the Admin or Teacher portals. A form created from the Admin portal can be applied across teachers and shared with all students. A form created from the teacher portal can be shared with only those students in the teacher’s class.


When setting the Share Permissions of the form, be sure to share it with those portals whose users you want to be able to register for events on behalf of the student. For a Parent Teacher Conference calendar, this would include the Parent Portal. You will want to also include the Admin portal so that the form’s Response Report is available and so a secretary could potentially help a parent. The teacher portal may also want to have submit permissions if the teacher will need to assist a parent with registering for an event. 


Element Properties

Beyond the properties common to all elements, the Event Calendar element has s few additional properties:

Restrict to Single Sign-up

This property determines how many events a user can register for on the calendar. The options are

  • No Restriction: User can sign up for any number of events in the calendar on behalf of the student
  • Single Event: User can sign up for a single event in the calendar on behalf of the student
  • Unique Provider: User can sign up for a single event for a given provider but can sign up for additional events with other providers

Calendar Type

‘Event Sign-up’ is the only option available at the moment


Provided By

This property sets who the provider of the events on the calendar is. This can be the teacher the parent is meeting with during parent-teacher conferences or the staff member organizing an event. The staff member(s) selected here will be available for the end user to choose and will have access to the calendar in Provider View.

  • Any Teacher/Staff: User can choose to register for an event with any staff member.
  • Student Current Schedule: User can choose to register for an event with a staff member who teaches a class in the student’s current schedule.
  • Multiple/Particular Teachers/Staff: Set one or more staff members the user can choose to register an event with.


This section lists the events that will be made available to the users. Clicking on the EVENT link opens the details of that event. Properties include: Title, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time, and Options. To add additional events, press thebutton.


Event Settings

Title: Name of the event


Start Date/Time and End Date/Time: Set the start and end time of the first or only occurrence of this event.


Repeat Options: Takes you to a popup window in which you can set the event to repeat daily or repeat until a indicated time that same day.


Options: Takes you to a popup window in which you can set sign-up settings. 


Single Event Seat Cap (by provider): Allows you limit how many users can sign up for a single event with a particular provider. Entering 0 will set no cap.


Show Current Registration Count & Cap: Allows users to see the number of sign-ups there are per event, relative to the cap.

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Administrators and teachers have the ability to view registrations for events as well as manage event availability. 


Accessing the Event Calendar as a Provider

Once a form with a calendar is created, parent and or students can sign up for events with specific providers or teachers. Providers have the ability to look at the calendar as a whole, to see who has signed up to meet with them and when. They also have the ability to block off times as unavailable. 


This view is accessible from the teacher portal, via a tab on the Ecollect page:


It is also available from the admin portal, via the Faculty Calendar link on the staff member’s record.



Select a calendar to bring up the provider view.



Click the Expand button to see who is registered for events.


Clicking on an event allows you to drop a registration if the event has been registered for, block an event that you will not be able to attend, or unblock an event that you had previously blocked.




The calendar will need to be submitted for the changes to take effect.


Viewing Responses on the Response Report

Responses to a form with the Event Calendar can be accessed using the Response Report. Adding a column for the Event Calendar element actually adds five columns to the report: Provider, Title, Start, End, Notes. Using this view, you can filter by providers, students, or date to get a clearer picture of event registrations.



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Registering for Events

Accessing a form to sign up for events is just like accessing any other form. The user will log into their PowerSchool portal and navigate to the form listing. As long as the form with the Event Calendar has been shared with the portal, the user will be able to click on the name of the form to see the events.


Viewing Events

When the form opens, the default view is List view. The user will see a list of events scheduled over the next year. 



For events such as Parent Teacher Conferences for which they may have to sign up for multiple events, each with a different teacher, the user can change the view to Provider to see availability by teacher. Provider view lists events on a day-by-day basis. Click on theicon next to a particular date to see availability for that date. Use the arrows on the top right to move between days.



Events in blue are available. Events in red are not available. Events in green are those the user is currently registered for. Events in orange  are those for which the user has a registration pending.


Registering for Events

From any of the view options, the user will click on an event in order to register. The Event Detail window will open. 



If the event was selected from the Provider view or there is only one provider on the calendar, the provider will already be selected. If the event was selected from a different view and there are multiple providers available, the user can choose the provider to meet with using the "Provider" drop down. Below the provider’s name will display the registration count and cap. For instance "Registered: 0 of 1”, "Registered: 1 of 1”, “Registered: 2 of 5”. 


If the registration count has reached the cap, that time slot is not available for that provider. Either the user will need to choose a different provider for which the time slot is available or press the Cancel button to close the window to choose an event at a different time.


If the registration count has not reached the cap, then that time slot is available for that provider. The user will press the Register button to save the time. This will open the Event Registration window.



If the user would like to sign up for events with additional providers before submitting the form, they can choose "I'll submit later". If the user is only registering for the one event, they can choose "Submit Form" to lock in the time.


Once the user has finished registering for all of the events for which they wish to register, they must be sure to submit the form by pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the form. The events are not fully registered until the form has been submitted.


Viewing Registered Events

After the user has completed registering for the events and submitting the form, they can view their events from the List view by pressing the Expand button on the top left.



This will expand the view of the events they are registered for to show which teacher they are meeting with at that time slot.