The Response List shows a list of previous responses to a form. The Responder and Date is listed for each submission. The Response List can be modified to show the values of other form elements submitted for each response.

Advanced Properties:

In addition to the basic element properties, contacts elements allow for the following:


This interface allows you to add columns displaying values submitted by the response. 

Title: The header of the column. Used to identify which element’s value is being displayed. 

Element ID: The element ID of the form element whose value you wish to display.

Show All Responses

If selected, the response list will display responses made to the form prior to a form reset. If not selected, only those responses made since the form reset will be listed.

Use Case Considerations:

The response list is a convenient way to display to the responder/review previous submission data without having to navigate through the form archive.  Previous discipline or bullying incidents, requests or other types of data collections benefit contextually from this display.


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