What is the Response Report?

The Response Report is Ecollect's onboard flexible reporting tool that allows output of form response data.  Both form elements and existing PowerSchool fields may be added as columns to the report.  The report has filters that allow users to customize the data view to suit a variety of use cases.

Key Features:

Data Source Selection:

By Person: Displays the most current response for each subject (student or staff member) across all responders.

By Response: Displays each response in reverse chronological order.

By Collection Table: Displays each row of a 1:many data collection for each response subject.

Filter Data: 

Current Responses: Display responses to the form according to the data source selected.

Current Selection Responders: Display responses for subjects within the current student or staff selection from PowerSchool.

Current Selection Non-responders: Display those in the current PowerSchool selection who have NOT generated a form response.

Export Data:

Data can be exported from the current response view from the action menu.  PDF provides a read-only copy of the data (bet or small column numbers) while CSV provides outp for use in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets or your favorite spreadsheet program.


Ecollect Reports Documentation

Response Report Video