The Multiple Choice element offers the user a set of discrete options in the form of what are known as Radio Buttons. These round buttons allow the user to select only one of the options.

Use Case Considerations

Multiple Choice elements are best used when the user input must be one of a predefined set of values. The element forces the user to select one and only on choice from the list of options. If you would like the user to be able to select multiple options, consider using the Checkboxes element. 

Element Properties

Beyond the properties common to all elements, the Multiple Choice element has the following additional properties: 


Allow Text Entry (Other)

Selecting the Allow Text Entry (Other) option adds an additional choice of ‘Other’ to your list of choices. When the user selects it, a text box appears that allows the user to type in a value that wasn’t among the original options.


The Choices property allows you to set the discrete list of choices the radio buttons represent.


Selecting the radio button at the left of a choice makes it the default selection. Clicking the green icon adds a blank choice below that one. Clicking the red icon deletes the choice.


To have the value that’s stored in the database differ from the text that the user sees, enter the visible text, a vertical pipe, and then the database value. When using a Multiple Choice element as the determinant element for workflow mapping, the value for visibility must match the value to the right of the pipe, if there is one.


Import Choices

If you have a large number of choices to add to the element, you can click the ‘Import Choices’ link, which opens a dialog box. In this window, you can enter all the choices, one per line. This is faster than adding each choice using the green icon. It is especially useful to use Import Choices if you have your list of choices already available in a text or spreadsheet document as you can copy your list from the document and paste it into the Import Choices dialog.



You can choose how the radio buttons are arranged on the form. Your choices are One Column, Two Columns, Three Columns, or Side By Side.