When the form's Approval property is enabled, submissions of the form from the parent, student, or teacher portals go into a pending state until an admin user has Accepted or Rejected the submission. Checking the property causes a password box to appear, which allows you to set a password for the approval process. Share this password with designated approvers. Additionally, clicking the blue ‘chainlink’ icon below the box brings up the approval chain popup, allowing you to indicate that more than one approval is required per response. Approval is only available on Collaborative form types.

Form Creator

To enable the approval process for a form, open the form in edit mode, select the title bar to view the form properties, and check the Approval box. The password box and approval chain icon appear. Enter the desired password in the box, and share it with your designated approvers.


By default, Approval only requires one administrator to approve a form. You can set the process to require from 1 to 5 individual approvers. Select the Approval Chain icon to open a popup window in which you can select the number of approvers.


You may choose to use the Notification feature in conjunction with Approval. Click the Notification checkbox, and enter the approvers’ email addresses, separated by commas. These email addresses will receive a notification message each time someone submits this form.


A form will go through the approval process for submissions made from the parent, student, or teacher portals. Forms with Approval enabled will not go through the approval process if submitted through the admin portal. 

If you are on the parent, student, or teacher portal and submit a form with Approval enabled, the form will turn yellow and the following popup will appear:

Any form elements linked to PowerSchool fields and updated in the most recent responses will have a red flag appear above them. Hovering the mouse over a flag will display a tooltip that shows you the old value and the new value.


When the responder submits the form, the approver will receive an email if Notifications were set up. The email contains the Form name and student or teacher ID if appropriate. Once you are on the student/teacher record, locate the form. The row in the form list will be highlighted yellow and have a yellow leaf next to it.

Another way to access forms awaiting approval is to view the Response Report for the form. Filter the Approval Status to view Pending responses. Click on the Student Number to view the form.


Opening the form will display the most recent response. You can choose a different response by clicking the response bar above the form. A popup will display the previous responses, those highlighted in yellow are awaiting approval. Select one and click ‘Load Response’.

The approver should be most concerned with fields marked with a red flag. These are the elements the responder has changed that are linked to PowerSchool fields. Hovering over the flag will display the old value compared to the new. At the bottom of the form you will find Reject and Approve options.


Selecting one will produce a popup.

Enter the Approval password. If you are rejecting the response, you have the option of adding a reason or note to the rejection. Press Approve/Reject. You should see a message like the following:


From the Response Report, you also have the option of approving/rejecting multiple responses at one time. To do this, select the responses you want to approve/reject by checking the box at the left side of  the row. Using the button to choose Approve Selected or Reject Selected. From there, the process is the same.

There are a few instances in which approving/rejecting multiple responses at once is useful. Forms for which there are only a few fields that need verification could allow columns to be added to the Response Report to view multiple responses at a glance. Occasionally a user will submit a form multiple times such that there are multiple pending responses for a student. Using this approach for approval while viewing the Response Report by Person will approve all pending responses in order that they were submitted, leaving the most recent response as the one that is applied to the PowerSchool fields.

Responder Revisited

If the Responder was a parent and had set up Ecollect Parent Preferences to notify them when the status of the form has changed, they should receive an email indicating the form was approved or rejected.

Once a form has been accepted by the Approver, the Responder will see a green leaf beside the form on the Ecollect Forms screen.

If a form is instead rejected, the Responder is notified with a red leaf next to the form and the entire row will be highlighted red. In addition, if the Responder goes into the form, they will see a pop up. If the Approver provided a reason the form was rejected, that reason will be displayed.

Choosing ‘Edit Rejected’ will show the Responder the form as it was rejected, allowing the Responder to make changes and resubmit the form.