The Single Line Text element allows you to specify the type and format of data entered by a user using Custom Data Validation. Click on thenext to the Custom Data Validation property to configure the option. On the Custom Data Validation dialog, you are able to specify the datatype of the data entered by the user. Any of the options specific to the datatype are optional.



Choosing Text allows any character to be entered into the Single Line Text element, but provides you with options to further define the format of the data.



Max. Length limit to the maximum number of characters the user can enter while Min. Length requires at least that number of character to be entered. Text Mask allows you to apply one of the user-defined PowerSchool text masks to the element. You can set Apply Validation Function to fine tune valid responses beyond what the Text Mask Administration allows.


If the Single Line Text element is linked to a PowerSchool field that has a Text Mask applied to it in PowerSchool, Ecollect will require the data entered into the Single Line Text field to match the Text Mask, even if the Text Mask isn’t applied to the element itself.



Creating a Text Mask in PowerSchool

To create a text mask in PowerSchool, the user must be in the District Office. Go to System > Page and Data Management > Text Mask Administration. Press the Add Set button at the top right of the page.


Give the Text Mask a name within the Set Name field. The Validation Feedback Hint is the message shown to users if their data doesn’t match the correct format. You can then set one or more Format/Values using the Text Mask Placeholders to specify valid data formats accepted by the Text Mask. When the Text Mask setup is complete, press Submit. 


Apply Validation Function

PowerSchool’s Text Mask Administration can be helpful in defining simple valid values, such as phone numbers, but sometimes you need data to be in a more specific format than the Text Mask allows. For instance, if you need the data entered to be in all caps, you can use the Apply Validation Function option.


Ecollect comes with two pre-defined regular expression masks. Force Caps requires all letters typed into a field to be capitalized. Words Caps requires the first letter of each word entered to be capitalized. 


The Customize Mask option allows you to define your own regular expression. In addition, you are able to provide a message to display to the user of the form to let them know if they are entering the data incorrectly. 


Choosing Number limits the characters a user can enter to 0-9 as well as characters such as . - or , as long the result is a valid number. Minimum and maximum values can also be assigned.



Choosing Date requires the value entered by the user to be a valid date. In addition, a date picker is provided for the user to choose the date instead of typing it.


The Max and Min Date fields can be used to set limits on the date allowed to be entered, but these values are static. You are not able to reference a value like {{today}} in these fields.