Each element on a form has a unique ID. These IDs mostly live behind the scenes, but on occasion they can be useful to know.


Elements that reference other elements often make these references via the element’s ID. Columns are added to Response Lists using element IDs. Hidden Text elements can mirror or sum other elements by referencing their IDs.


On Response Reports, untitled elements will be referred to by their IDs in the Manage Columns dialog. 



Getting an Element’s ID 

To get an element’s ID, select the element whose ID you wish to know. Hover over the element’s type in the Properties area. The element ID will be displayed in a tool tip.

The element’s ID is not set until the form has been saved. Prior to the form being saved, the element will have a temporary ID. The temporary ID will include a T at the end (ex. 3745T). If an ID has a T, the element has been added since the last time the form was saved. Save the form to get the element’s permanent ID.