Getting forms built by PowerSchool onto your server is done through form synchronization. This process copies the form from PowerSchool form server onto your PowerSchool instance so that the forms are accessible to your users.

Syncing Forms 

  1. Go to System > Form Synchronization
  2. Press the Synchronize Form Templates button.
  3. On the dialog that opens, press the Sync button to begin downloading the forms. The dialog will change to show you how many forms you are syncing, how many succeeded, and how many failed.

Notes of Form Synchronization

  • The user who syncs a form the first time will be the form's owner. Re-syncing the form under a different user will not change the owner.
  • If you have made changes to a form and wish to have the latest version on the PowerSchool form server, open the form in Edit mode and use Export Flex Form to download a .form file. Send that file to your implementation specialist to have it uploaded on the form server.