Duplicate student checking is a feature within the Ecollect Enrollment administrative dashboard that allows users to check submitted students against other submissions and existing PowerSchool data for returning students, duplicate entries, or submissions that otherwise need to be merged with an existing record. 


In order to utilize this feature, school districts must provide a file containing the students to be matched against (existing PowerSchool student records.) The instructions below provide guidance on creating that file. 

Select Students

The file sent to PowerSchool should contain all students that should be checked against as potential duplicate students. It is recommended that active and transferred out students from all schools in the district who are non-graduates are included in this file. This provides the most complete set of desired near matching potentials. Graduates are recommended to be excluded, as these students represent low probability returns to the district. 


To select the students, navigate to District Office and search for relevant students in the search bar. Be sure to include inactive students using the “/” search prefix. 

Below are some sample search strings you may choose to use. Each district may have differing/special parameters that need to be considered. The following searches are provided as examples only. Contact support@accelaschool.com. for additional assistance with the search parameters. 

  • /enroll_status#3 (All students whose enroll_status is not 3 (PS core graduated status) 
  • /schoolid#999999 (all students not in the Graduated Students School (default number) 
  • Multiple search criteria can be strung together using the “;” operator: /SchoolID#999999;enroll_status#3

Create Student File 

With students selected, navigate to Quick Export (Special Functions>Importing and Exporting>Quick Export). Enter the following field names into the export box: 















Set Field Delimiter to TAB. Set Record Delimiter to CR. Click Submit. The file will download to your browser specified download location. 


Send the exported file to support@accelaschool.com. The PowerSchool team will import the file into your enrollment dashboard for use in duplicate student checking. 

Update Student File 

It is recommended that an updated file be sent quarterly to PowerSchool to ensure that Enrollment dashboard reflects changes to the PowerSchool data, cycling in newly added students and removing students no longer to be considered (i.e. graduates). Keeping the two systems in close sync provides the best possible prevention of duplicate students being imported via Ecollect Enrollment.