Student plans are a critical component for state, federal and local compliance. Beyond that, they form the cornerstone of student intervention for both high achieving and struggling students. By utilizing Ecollect’s Student Support Plan functionality, the support plan is managed through PowerSchool and can be easily shared with different portals to facilitate communication.

Student Support Plan Types

Plan types can be added, removed, or edited within the Student Support - Plan Management settings page. This can be found under Forms Configuration on the System page.

Pressing the New button opens the New Support Plan page in which you enter the code and name for a new plan type. Press Submit to save.

Clicking the name of an existing plan opens the Edit Support Plan page. Here you can change the plan’s code or name. You can also delete the plan type. Making changes on this page will not affect plans that currently use this type.

Adding Forms to a Support Plan

Adding a new/custom form to a Student Support Plan is as easy as creating any other form. When making a form, simply choose one of the support plans types available on the Support Plan form property.

Forms that are part of a support plan do not show up in the list of published forms on the various portals. These forms are only available for students for whom a Student Support Plan has been created and who match the form’s Share Permissions. When setting the Share Permissions, keep in mind whether a form might be useful to have visible on certain portals even if the user cannot submit the form.

Creating a Plan for a Student

Plans can be created within a student record by choosing the Student Support tab in the form listing.

To create a new plan for a student, click the ‘New’ button. In the ‘Add a New Plan’ window, select a plan Type, Start Date, and End Date and save changes. A new, inactive plan with those parameters will be added. Selecting that plan will display all forms available for the plan on the right.

Only one plan of each type can be active at a time. Activating a plan will deactivate any other active plans of the same type. To deactivate an active plan without activating a new plan, press the Deactivate the Plan link. There can be multiple active plans of different types for a student.